Where Crypto Meets Rare Books

We're delighted to announce the launch of the world’s first rare book NFT collection - a sea change moment in the history and sale of rare books and as part of the new generation of dealer, we’re leading the charge.

This is the future of rare books and indeed the wider collectibles trade. Each NFT will come with the physical book and acts as a store of value and a deed of ownership.

The full collection of 14 NFT’s will go live on OpenSea on February 1st - we’ve chosen to start with the Ian Fleming collection. The most iconic first edition books in the world and with the healthiest return of investment. Pictured below is a fine example of Thunderball from the collection.

Each NFT is limited to just one example and as mentioned the sale comes with the real first edition book.

Learn more here.

January 17, 2022 — Oliver Bayliss