Acting as both a store of value and deed of ownership, the sale of rare books alongside their NFT counterpart will add more transparency to sales and blockchain is the perfect vehicle to achieve this.

For simplicity, we've created a number of short points below:

- Immutability: Blockchain provides an immutable and public record of ownership of first edition books.

- Transparency: All rare book sales are recorded on blockchain with prices part of public record, making the market more accessible and transparent.

- Easy exchange: Blockchain enables the secure exchange of rare books and first editions represented by NFTs globally 24/7.

- Future proofing an outdated industry: The emergence of Web3 infrastructure can bring the rare book trade further into the digital age.

As you may now be aware we’ve chosen to start this sea change in the rare book trade with the Ian Fleming collection. The most iconic first edition books in the world and with the healthiest return of investment. There are 14 books in the series of which each is being offered by us as an NFT which will come with the physical first edition book upon completion of the sale.

These will go live as NFT's on the 1st of February exclusively on OpenSea

Learn more here.
January 20, 2022 — Oliver Bayliss