Casino Royale | 1955, fine first edition, first impression with the first state dustjacket. Rare.

£40,000.00 GBP £50,000.00

One of the most sought after books in collecting.

The first edition, first impression of Ian Fleming's Casino Royale with the rare first state dust jacket (without the Sunday Times review on the inner front flap). The debut Bond title, and the author's first novel.

"According to the Cape archives, 4,760 sets of sheets of the first printing were delivered, but only 4,728 copies were bound up. Many of these went to public libraries and we believe that less than half of the first printing was sold to the public. The jacket is genuinely rare in fresh condition" (Biondi & Pickard, 40).

Casino Royale is key to many a collection and as the first book in the James Bond series, it is one of most in demand. Interestingly the dustjacket was designed by Ian Fleming himself. To have a first edition, first impression of the text with a first issue of the dustjacket is a notorious rarity and a strong investment piece.

A classic of the genre, in Casino Royale, Bond is sent to the French Riviera to confront the sinister Le Chiffre and stop him from winning a high-stakes baccarat game...