Hogwarts Acceptance Letter | 2001, original production made letter for the first Harry Potter film, with letter inside and with the original wax seal in mint condition.

£25,000.00 GBP £35,000.00

One of only a handful of the original Hogwarts Acceptance Letters to have the red wax seal and letter contained inside for the production of the first ever Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

Harry Potter memorabilia is always sought after but the wax seal letters are rarer than the golden snitch and as such collectors go wild for the chance to add these to their collection.

Now, two examples were made: ones with a printed seal, which were used for the scenes in which hundreds of envelopes inundate the Dursley household, of which I have sold a couple now; then there are the actual lettered ones which have a hand pressed wax seal and Harry Potter's actual acceptance letter inside. This is one of the latter. Auction prices for these regularly tip past £40k and as the years go on, the prices just get higher. This particular example has never encountered an auction before. 

Description and Condition:

This envelope is made from marble-effect paper, with Harry's address printed in green on the front, the Hogwarts crest on the reverse, and a red wax Hogwarts seal, unlike the many entirely printed versions that were also used in the scene. It remains sealed with a letter contained within. The letter is in mint condition.

Also included is a two-page printed copy of the letter inside the envelope so that collectors can see the letter without having to open the envelope and as such massively devalue this key piece of movie history


As one of the previous owners is a well known HNW individual, I can't share details online. However, if you are interested, do contact me and I would be happy to share the details offline - a full provenance report will be supplied.