Hippo and Hand | 1955/2006, Original Colour Photograph for The End of the Game, Ink, Snakeskin & Mixed Media Collage.

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I am delighted to present an original, large scale Peter Beard artwork for sale. This is the greatest original, signed Beard that I have come across as a dealer. It is monumental in its scope and content.

Including Mick Jagger, Francis Bacon, Karen Blixen (whose book ‘Out of Africa’, famously, was the inspiration for Beard’s initial desire to go to Africa) and more, the collage featured in the work references several of Beard’s most famous photos of his celebrity, artist and writer friends. On the main and central photograph, Beard shows us an off red depiction of Hippos taken in July 1955 in Africa on Beard's first trip to Africa for 'The End of the Game'. A hand looms into the centre with water dripping off. Given the red hues and Beard’s interest in and indeed exploration of the tragic force of man’s impact on Africa and nature, the red hues here imply blood and violence, with this central hand taking on a sinister energy. To the top left of this photograph, we have handwritten text from Beard.

Surrounding the main photograph, we have a collage featuring a wealth of further original Peter Beard photographs, as well as small reproductions of other known works by both Beard and others (a Francis Bacon reproduction is shown next to a Beard photo of Bacon). The collage also includes a small amount of what appears to be snakeskin. From his interests in music, literary inspirations and Africa, this work is Beard at his absolute finest.

Description and Condition:

An excellent example of a monumentally important Peter Beard artwork. Given the nature of stick and paste collage, Beard’s works can often be found to be starting to peel as they age, but this example suffers from none of that. Simply put, a collector would be hard pressed to find a better work from this important artist. The subject matter is brilliant, the collage is dizzying in its scope and with the addition of Mick Jagger, Francis Bacon, Karen Blixen and others, we see the full prism of Peter Beard’s life and interests. A fine example.

Framed and glazed to the highest possible museum standard.

Signature: Signed, titled recto; Signed, stamped, dated verso

Artwork size: 100cm x 75cm

Framed size: 105cm x 130cm


Bought  directly from Fahey/Klein gallery by a private collector, November 28th, 2006. Invoice: 191949. The original invoice will be given to be buyer alongside a COA from Bayliss Rare Books