Janice Dickinson and Cheetah | 1985/2006, Original Silver Gelatin Photograph, Ink, Mixed Media & Found Object Collage.

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A classic and self-referential original Peter Beard artwork, featuring many of the motifs that made, (and continue to make) Beard an icon of contemporary American art and photography.

The central image features the iconic original photograph of the supermodel, Janice Dickinson, posing with a cheetah. Dickinson was one of the most successful models of the 1970’s and 1980’s and is seen by many as the first major supermodel. The collage features original photographs and prints, ranging from Beard’s fashion photography to his classic ‘The End of The Game’ Africa works. The collage also features a green cigarette lighter, with ‘leaking’ green paint spilling from it onto playing cards. It’s a controversial, sultry and provocative work - essentially Beard at his very best!

Peter Beard has personally annotated most of the photographs featured in the collage, giving either the location or the date it was taken, and in some cases both. This is exceptionally rare; most original collages will only feature Beard’s text to the central image, so to have other original photographs including  handwritten place and date is incredibly special. Alongside this, there are a number of shots taken by the artist of some of Beard’s infamous diaries, magazine strips and photos of other major works by Beard, including the iconic “Night feeder” and “Magritte Ramme and the World Record Elephant Tusks”. A brilliant and, as said, self-referential work.

Description and Condition:

A fine example of a classic Beard artwork executed in 2006. Framed and glazed to the highest museum quality standard in black.

Signature: Signed, titled, dated recto; Signed, stamped verso; Hand annotated throughout the work.

Artwork size: 75cm x 35cm

Framed size: 100cm x 60cm

Provenance: Bought directly from Fahey/Klein gallery by a private collector, November 28th, 2006. Invoice: 191949. A copy of the original invoice will be given to be buyer alongside a COA from Bayliss Rare Books.